Legal Marketing

5-attorney family law firm is lead sponsor for NASCAR driver, hopes he will win race and new clients

Trials & Litigation

Ex-governor of Virginia and wife found guilty on most counts in federal corruption case

Constitutional Law

4th Circuit panel refuses to stay same-sex marriage ruling


James Brady, gun-control advocate wounded in ‘81 attack on President Reagan, dies at 73

Constitutional Law

Divided 4th Circuit panel strikes Virginia same-sex marriage ban

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer stole $4.8M, duped banks with worthless checks and credit-card payments


Police refuse to execute warrant for photos of youth’s erection in sexting case

Court Security

Runaway SUV crashes into courthouse, eliminating power and air conditioning

Criminal Justice

Virginia lawmaker is accused of having sex with teen worker at his law office

Legal Ethics

Assistant county attorney fired after winning a city council seat

Criminal Justice

Virginia man chooses vasectomy over longer prison term

Law Schools

UVA email exposed confidential data for 155 clerkship applicants, including GPA and class rank

Immigration Law

Some children brought to US illegally qualify for in-state tuition, Va. AG announces

Education Law

Climate scientist’s emails are shielded from disclosure, Virginia Supreme Court says

Criminal Justice

‘Mudslinging’ motions by McDonnell lawyers compare prosecutors to Caligula

Business of Law

New law firm caters to gun-toting Virginians worried about legal defense costs

Constitutional Law

Virginia’s gay-marriage ban is struck down

Trials & Litigaiton

Judge reverses contempt citation for prosecutor who was late to court

Animal law

Virginia bill would allow pets to be buried with people

Criminal Justice

Former Va. governor rejected plea bargain that would have spared his wife, WaPo reports