Family Law

Facebook post informing dad of planned adoption wasn’t adequate notice, top state court says

Legal History

Father-and-son district attorney duo are first in state, newspaper says

Death Penalty

Poorly placed IV blamed for difficult execution

First Amendment

Does press have First Amendment right to view entire execution? ACLU sues over closed blinds

Trials & Litigation

Archbishop drops lawsuit against satanist group after leader agrees to return consecrated host

Government Law

Law firm gets $41K in public records case over dashcam, is suing again to find out what city spent

Court Security

Loaded gun found in purse of woman at courthouse to attend hearing over grandchildren

Criminal Justice

Attorney accused of harboring a fugitive in his law office gives up law license

Criminal Justice

Mailbox bomb explodes at DA’s home shortly after a grand jury declined to indict her in probe


Courts face bullying and intimidation by pols and partisans, say two retired state justices

Death Penalty

Okla. Supreme Court issues 11th-hour stays to 2 pending executions

Court Security

Barefoot gunman gets 23 years in shooting outside courthouse that injured 2

Constitutional Law

Judge strikes Oklahoma lethal injection law because source of drugs is secret


Iran-Contra prosecutor and former ABA president Lawrence Walsh is dead at 102

Death Penalty

Oklahoma delays two executions due to lack of drugs needed for lethal injection

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is accused of smuggling sex toy into jail

Court Security

Gunman is convicted, based in part on video of shooting at courthouse plaza

Religious Law

Pastor’s suit over license plate image is tossed by federal court

Constitutional Law

Another state’s same-sex marriage ban is struck down by a federal judge

Criminal Justice

Rape defendant punches his lawyer at trial