New York

Business of Law

More BigLaw firms match Simpson bonuses of $15K to $100K

Trials & Litigation

Pregnant lawyer is denied trial delay in ‘tumultuous’ hearing; law partner blasts prosecutors


Prosecutors under fire for flashing gang signs in holiday photo

Consumer Law

Feds cite ‘epidemic’ of debt-collection abuse, charge 7 individuals and company in ongoing probe

Trials & Litigation

Passengers get $2,500 for 10-hour ordeal on cold subway during 2010 snowstorm

Family Law

Girl, 2, on life support as court decides dispute between mom and dad about donating her organs

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer sued by former firm in claimed $2.3M fake billing scheme now faces mail fraud case

Criminal Justice

Innocence claim is no longer a parole hurdle in some states

Criminal Justice

Manhattan DA will use bank settlement funds to process rape kits nationwide

White-Collar Crime

Lawyer, 14 others charged in $20M ‘prince and pauper’ mortgage and welfare scheme

White-Collar Crime

Prison looms for onetime law student: 2nd Circuit denies stay in ‘most lucrative’ insider-tip case

Bar Associations

Lawyer admits ‘grave mistake’ in tweet taunt, labeled a ‘blatant racist smear’

Legislation & Lobbying

Big Apple may join Chicago in banning bicyclists from texting

Trials & Litigation

Unusual suit says banks are linked to Iraq attacks, seeks damages under terrorism-support law

Criminal Justice

New York City prosecutor is accused of choking woman at a bar


Once described as ‘creepy’ in judge’s opinion, former Sedgwick partner says he’s been vindicated

Women in the Law

Lawyer cites high-risk pregnancy in trial delay request; federal judge questions her travel plans

White-Collar Crime

Judge OKs criminal case against former Dewey leaders, grants separate trial to lower-level worker

Internet Law

Authorities arrest 17, take down 410 illegal sites in Web raid infiltrating Tor anonymity software


Man who posted video of 24-minute drive on 26-mile NYC loop is convicted of reckless endangerment