Criminal Justice

Guilty of grisly murder, Jodi Arias auctions ‘one-of-a-kind’ item—spectacles she wore at trial

Criminal Justice

Serial airline stowaway attempter is now in Arizona, where she has been arrested again

Election Law

Does national voter form have to include states’ citizenship requirement? 10th Circuit to decide

Death Penalty

Arizona executioners sometimes improvise, lawsuits say

Constitutional Law

9th Circuit revives inmate’s suit alleging his letter to his lawyer was read by a prison guard

Death Penalty

Execution takes nearly two hours; PD filed emergency motion after first hour

Death Penalty

SCOTUS allows execution of inmate, vacates 9th Circuit decision that he had a right to drug info

Death Penalty

Execution can’t go forward until prisoner receives information on death drugs, 9th Circuit says

Criminal Justice

Prison teacher, left alone in room with convicted rapist, is raped, stabbed

Internet Law

Mom can’t learn who created fake Instagram account in daughter’s name; police say no crime occurred

Election Law

Name-changing candidate Cesar Chavez faces ballot challenge by labor leader’s grandson

Criminal Justice

9th Circuit allows class action over prison conditions in Arizona

Criminal Justice

Public-intoxication law is voided by Arizona appeals court

Trials & Litigation

Nursing mom wins $75K settlement from TSA over airport incident

Bar Exam

Thirty-eight 3Ls who took the Arizona bar in February await the test results

Legal Technology

How this personal injury firm is using Google Glass to get a leg up

Legal Ethics

Conflict waiver OK’d city lawyer’s work for others while drawing severance pay, his counsel says

Criminal Justice

Lawyer for inmate marries him, helps with gang activity, gets 3 years in prison

Animal Law

Pit bull that mauled child is allowed to live, minus his fangs

Business of Law

Good dog: Lawyer’s bull terrier gets scam email seeking to cash $198K check, but doesn’t bite