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Afternoon Briefs: Government agency says withholding Ukrainian aid broke law; dog banned from trial

GAO report concludes White House violated law by withholding Ukraine aid

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office has concluded the White House broke the law when it withheld funds for security…

Afternoon Briefs: Son of spies ruled a Canadian citizen; lawyer avoids discipline over raccoon video

Bar says lawyer should attend professionalism class after brush with raccoon

A Florida lawyer who posted a video of himself shooing a raccoon off his boat and into open…

Suit says Ben & Jerry’s claims of ‘happy cows’ from ‘caring dairy’ program are deceiving consumers
A would-be class action lawsuit says the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company is misleading consumers when it touts its milk and cream come from “happy cows” on "caring dairy" farms.
State supreme court sides with farmer over pig manure plan
A divided Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided Thursday that a farmer did not have to obey his township’s regulations when managing manure on his hog farm.
Afternoon Briefs: Alleged unlicensed PD failed ethics exam; is puppy-mill law unconstitutional?

Public defender accused of working without a license failed ethics part of bar exam

A public defender in New Orleans accused of working without a law license twice failed…

Afternoon Briefs: Once-high-profile lawyer disbarred; prescription diet cat food lawsuit reinstated

Lawyer who represented Oklahoma City bomber is disbarred

A Colorado lawyer who once represented Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh has been disbarred at age 77. Dennis Hartley’s misconduct included converting…

Tony the truck-stop tiger wasn’t an individual under FOIA, 9th Circuit rules
A captive tiger named Tony wasn’t an individual under a Freedom of Information Act provision that allows expedited processing of some records requests, a federal appeals court has ruled.
Afternoon Briefs: AG Barr blasts prosecutors and ‘prancing punks;’ self-defense bid fails for A$AP Rocky

On Monday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr blasted progressive prosecutors and “prancing punks” who recently pelted police with water. District attorneys who style themselves as social justice reformers “spend…

Afternoon Briefs: Lawyer pleads guilty to courthouse parachute jump; cat declawing banned in this state

The U.S. Department of Justice has informed former special counsel Robert Mueller that he is expected to confine his congressional testimony Wednesday to the boundaries of his public report…

Afternoon Briefs: Unlicensed PD’s clients stick with plea deals; lawyer a no-show at sentencing

Defendants whose plea bargains were handled by an unlicensed public defender in Madison County, Illinois, apparently aren’t interested in a do-over. All but one of the defendants whose cases…

Afternoon Briefs: James Comey’s daughter prosecutes Epstein; cop accused of planting drugs in cars

A daughter of former FBI Director James Comey is one of the lead prosecutors in the federal sex trafficking case against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Maurene Comey is an assistant…

Lawyer is charged after shooting injured raccoon near courthouse
A Pennsylvania lawyer has been charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct for shooting an injured raccoon near the Luzerne County Courthouse last month.
Suits accuse dairy company of consumer fraud for touting ‘extraordinary care and comfort’ of cows

Two lawsuits filed in federal court in Chicago accuse the Fairlife milk company of consumer fraud for promoting its “extraordinary care and comfort” of dairy cows.

The would-be class actions,…

Judge orders transfer of gorilla from sanctuary to zoo; bacterial infection could aggravate trip

A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered that Ndume the gorilla be transferred from a California sanctuary to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden this week amid a dispute…

Are pets assets or part of the family?

California became the third state in the U.S. to adopt a law that allows judges to consider what’s in the best interests of the animal rather than treating the pet like other inanimate property, such as a car. Alaska and Illinois have passed similar laws since 2016. The new laws are groundbreaking because they come amid growing interest in protecting pets and settling disputes over them.

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